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Urad dalgota

Urad dalgota (Vignamungo)

Urad dalgota (Vigna mungo) is a traditional Indian recipe made from split and husked black gram. “Gota” refers to the small, round shape of the dal.
To prepare Urad dal gota, the dal is soaked in water for several hours, then ground into a batter using a traditional stone grinder. The batter is then shaped into small, round balls (gota) and deep-fried until golden brown.

Urad dal gota is a traditional Indian recipe; it is an excellent protein and dietary fiber source and provides iron and folic acid. They are usually enjoyed with chutneys or dips. 

We are one of the best pulses and spices exporters in India that deals in various pulses, and Urad dal gota is one of them. We trade them to nations like Myanmar and Spain, where individuals consume the dal in various structures and dishes. Due to their significant benefits for the human heart, liver, and kidneys, these pulses are widely consumed.


The main ingredient in Urad dal gota is split and husked black gram (urad dal). Other common ingredients include water for soaking and grinding the dal, salt, and oil for deep-frying. A few recipes may likewise incorporate flavors, for example, cumin, bean stew powder, or ginger to add flavor.

Major Urad Dalgota export destinations from India

  • Myanmar
  • Spain
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