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Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Ajy Global Trade, your reliable hotspot for every one of your heartbeats, flavors, and basmati rice trade necessities. We invest wholeheartedly in offering premium products that are exquisite as well as supporting. With our commitment flawlessly, we have arisen as one of India’s top exporters, taking care of clients around the world.

Rules and Regulations

As dependable exporters, we trust in transparency and genuineness in the entirety of our deals. We have spread out an arrangements to ensure our clients have a smooth trade with us. Our terms and conditions are listed below:

We perceive calls or mandates for orders. When we accept your request, we will send you a master forma receipt containing the item’s data, amount, cost, transporting subtleties, and installment subtleties. The proforma invoice will be used as our contract. We ask that our clients thoroughly read the proforma invoice before signing and stamping it to confirm the order.

Wire transfers and letters of credit (LC) are also acceptable forms of payment. Before shipping the products, we require a 100% advance payment for orders under $10,000. We need a 30% down payment before production on orders over $10,000; the remaining 70% is due before shipping the goods. The LC terms will determine the payment terms for LCs.

Depending on the request of our customers, we offer air or sea shipping. Once the cargo is complete, we will release the shipment information, including the vessel or flight name, the departure and arrival dates, and the bill of lading and airway bill information.

We set forth silly endeavors to keep the kind of our things high. We work with the best ranchers and makers to deliver our merchandise, and we have a staff of value control experts who review the products all through the creation cycle. In any case, in the event that there is an issue with the nature of the items, we ask that clients let us in on in the span of ten days of getting the products.

We give a variety of squeezing choices, including compartments, vacuum sacks, PP packs, and jute packs. To the demands of our customers, we may also modify the packaging. Please be aware, nevertheless, that there can be extra fees for customized packaging.

Shipping Paperwork
Depending on what our customers need, we will offer all the required shipping documentation, including the invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, and phytosanitary certificate. Please be aware that there can be extra fees for any additional papers.

Arrival Time
We shall try to deliver the goods by the scheduled delivery window.If it’s not too much trouble, know, by the by, that the conveyance time might shift in light of a few factors, including the accessibility of the item, the transportation technique, and customs freedom.

We kindly ask our clients to provide us with the earliest notice of purchase cancellations. Please be aware, nevertheless, that there can be cancellation fees depending on the product and the manufacturing stage.

Read the terms and conditions carefully while accessing our services as we form a contract with you. We have specific rules that follow all the laws of the Indian constitution. Assuming you are trapped in criminal operations, we can boycott you for all time and even make a legitimate move.

  • If you want to connect with us fully, you can create your account using the essential information.
  • You are responsible for the confidentiality of your privacy, so share your personal information and user ID.
  • As India’s most significant export products, we have all the authority to change the terms and conditions per the market condition and the circumstances.
  • We inform you each time any changes are made using your provided information.

FAQs About Terms and Conditions

Q: What types of Basmati rice does Ajy Global Trade offer?

A: We offer a variety of Basmati rice, including white, brown, and parboiled.

Q: What types of spices and pulses does Ajy Global Trade offer?

A: We offer cumin, coriander, turmeric, lentils, and chickpeas, among different flavors and heartbeats.

Q: What payment methods does Ajy Global Trade accept?

A: We acknowledge installment through bank move, Mastercard, or PayPal.

Q: What is Ajy Global Trade’s policy on product quality?

A: We are focused on giving our clients the greatest items, yet we can’t be considered answerable for any harm, misfortune, or deferral during transportation or conveyance.

Q: Does Ajy Global Trade offer refunds?

A: We do not accept returns or provide refunds for products shipped or delivered unless the product is damaged or defective.

Q: Can I reproduce content from the Ajy Global Trade website?

A: A: No, all happy on our site is safeguarded by copyright, brand name, and other protected innovation regulations and may not be recreated without our express composed consent.


At Ajy Global Trade, we take pride in being one of India’s leading exporters of Basmati rice, spices, and pulses. We urge you to peruse and appreciate our agreements preceding putting in your request. Expecting that you have any different types of input, sympathetically go on and us.