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Welcome to Ajy Global Trade, India's premier exporter of Products

Welcome to Ajy Global Trade, India’s premier exporter of Basmati Rice, Spices, and Pulses! We have secured ourselves as one of the main exporters of agrarian items and invest heavily in giving results of great to our worldwide client base.

Overview Of All Products Categories

India exports are the largest exporter of rice and even pulses and spices which middle-east companies usually demand. Ajay Global Trade deals with various rice, spices, and pulses and aims to provide India’s best export service. As among India’s leading export companies, we ensure and confirm International quality standards.

Basmati Rice: Our Products

Welcome to Ajy Overall Trade, India’s boss basmati rice exporter! Through our obligation to quality, consumer loyalty, and ecological obligation, we have laid out an esteemed situation on the worldwide market.

Basmati Rice is prestigious for its flawless quality, unmistakable smell, and luscious flavor, and delectable flavor. At our farm, we utilize sustainable farming practices that produce top-grade grains, which we then carefully select and process to retain their natural goodness and flavor. From biryanis and pulaos to simply enjoying curry, our Basmati will elevate any dish!

At Ajy Global Trade, we aim to deliver premium quality basmati rice to customers worldwide. Through our commitment to quality, customer steadfastness, and biological sensibility, we have framed into a dependable brand over an extended time. Attempt our scrumptious grain yourself and experience its valid flavor and smell!


Our Journey:

Our Quality:

Ajy Global Trade was established to provide top-quality basmati rice to customers worldwide. We began as a little gathering of ranchers and exporters, yet after some time, our business developed to incorporate clients everywhere.

We understand what worth means in each aspect of our business. From selecting only premium paddy fields to the final packaging of our product, our quality assurance process starts by selecting organically grown basmati rice.

Packaging Our Rice:

Customer Focus:

At Rice Crafters, we take great care in packaging our grains so they arrive to customers in peak condition; using high-grade packaging material preserves aroma, flavor, texture, and tamper-proofing under difficult transportation conditions, they remain undamaged.

At We Stand for Rice, our customers are paramount to us. We vigorously give them top-quality rice at extraordinary client support levels. We employ a full-time customer service representative team available around the clock should any inquiries arise, or customers encounter issues. Furthermore, We Export worldwide!

At Ajy Global Trade, we take seriously our responsibility towards the environment and society as part of our operations. To do as such, we advocate maintainable cultivating rehearses with our ranchers to guarantee eco-accommodating methods are carried out, use sustainable power sources underway offices, and don’t hurt the climate through tasks that hurt it in any capacity.

We’re immensely proud of receiving numerous certifications reaffirming our dedication to quality, sustainability, and customer service. These include the ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management, the ISO 22000:2005 certification for food safety management, and the HACCP certification.

Spices Our Products

Spices at Ajy Global Trade At Ajy Global Trade, we carry an assortment of spices designed to add a unique flair and aroma to any dish. All our spices come from premium sources and are processed hygienically to maintain their natural goodness. With turmeric, cumin, coriander, red chili, and more available at Ajy Global Trade, every bag offers long shelf lives for long shelf lives in any kitchen!

Welcome to Ajy Global Trade, one of India’s main flavors exporters! At our core is pride in providing customers worldwide with top-grade spices and herbs of exceptional quality; over our decade-long business operations, we have gained trust amongst customers around the globe.

At Ajy Global Trade, quality is always our number one priority. We do an amazing job to measure up to our clients’ assumptions with regards to flavors and spices since they expect something like that. All our products come directly from farmers, while advanced processing techniques preserve their flavorful aroma.


Pulses : Our Products

Pulses Our selection of pulses features chickpeas, lentils, and beans grown using sustainable farming practices from only the top farmers. Each pulse we offer has been meticulously processed in our facility to meet the highest possible quality standards – our pulses contain protein, fiber! Whether looking to satisfy cravings with tasty vegan proteins – or boost energy levels naturally – they make an excellent addition.

Welcome to Ajy Worldwide Exchange, one of India’s head exporters of heartbeats and vegetables! Our main goal is to supply just high-grade items that our clients entrust us with, making our long stretches of involvement with the agro-food industry our wellspring of pride!

Our social affair of specialists has wide limit in the agro-food industry.


At Ajy Global Trade, we take great pride in being one of India’s premier Pulses Exporters. Our dedication to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction has earned us an unmatched global standing; we work tirelessly to meet client demands while exceeding their expectations – contact us now and experience Indian pulses and legumes firsthand!