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We as the leading Rice Suppliers in India deals with different varieties of India, White Sella, and provides Pesticide Residue for free. We export basmati to the most demanding countries following all the International quality standards. 

Indian spices Specially Kerala Spices are the most demanded accommodation in the International market and India Spice exports some of the most flavorful and diverse spices in the world. We deal with a variety of spices from turmeric to green cardamom of the best quality available in India, Kerala.

Being the finest Indian, Mumbai Spice exporter in India, the Ajay Global Trade deals with a great variety of pulses ensuring the pulses are exported to the destination in a good condition.


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Ajy Global Trade

We are fortunate to have the option to offer Indian Exporter of the best nature of heartbeats, rice, and flavors to advertise on the Global market. Ajy Global Trade gives the opportunity in contrast to the conventional import-send-out organizations as a broker product import business.

As a Basmati Rice Suppliers in India, we work with worldwide countries like Israel, UAE, UK, Netherlands, USA, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, and the Inlet. Every activity is managed by a more young, dynamic, and experienced gathering, more established individuals who are specialists in market examination, client control, and tracking down their records. 

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Our center convictions and convictions spin around our adoration to our workers and spice and rice export clients. The admiration of society overall and environment is the way in to our present status of undertakings and progress. Mixing an unbelievable environment and security to our Earle will influence their exhibition.


We handle that knowing your clients and their necessities will assist with giving them the best things and affiliations. We besides recognize that giving astounding client care to flavors, causes our clients to feel, respected, and guarantee them that Ajy global trade generally remains behind our things.


Our fundamental feelings and confirmation are turned around the respect we have for our clients and delegates. We see that the adoration for general society and the climate is key for our new turn of events and improvement. Unequivocally we perceive that fanning out a security and splendid environment for our Earle will meaningfully affect their show.

Global Presence

Even if you are searching for a company to export your product to multiple countries, Ajay Global Trade is the solution for you. We have a great global reach allowing your product like spices, rice to be exported to various countries from Kerala, Mumbai - INDIA.

Best Quality Food Trading Service

Our policies make sure to match the food quality, handling, and trade Spice export products from India( Kerala) according to International quality standards.

Reliable and Trusted Service

Trust is the establishment that upholds the groundwork of Flavor send out assistance, and we center around absolute consumer loyalty. Our transparent assistance regarding the spice and rice exporting will cause you to feel quiet managing us.

Popular Varieties of Rice Manufacturers in India


1401 Basmati Rice, Rice Manufacturers in India has an exquisite flavor and a tempting aroma. Additionally, this rice type boasts a distinctive appearance and exquisite scent because each grain is cooked perfectly.


The 1121 Premium Rice Manufacturers India grade(Mumbai export ), is noted for its longer length and great cooking qualities worldwide.1121 Basmati Rice grains are distinct and fluffy once cooked.


1509 Basmati Rice has an Rice Manufacturers India grain length slightly higher than 1121 Basmati rice; 1509 is cheaper because of less cultivation time and higher yield production than 1121.


Indian Spice Exports

Spices are an essential component of many Indian recipes. Indian spices are well-known worldwide for their distinct flavor, scent, and gorgeous texture. At AJY Global Trade, the Indian Spices Exporter, we think that Indian culture and our unique spices in India should be available to people all over the world. 

AJY Global Trade is one of the most prominent export companies for Indian spices. We export a variety of spices, including turmeric, ginger, star anise, cinnamon, asafoetida, cumin, black pepper, and many more.

AJY Global Trade, a well-regarded Spices Exporters in Mumbai, has extensive experience in the food business and can find the best clients for your products. We have global contacts as one of the most prominent exporters of Indian Masala. 

You can export Indian spices to any continent through us. We think that the consumer is King and that our method is transparent and dependable. The headquarters are in the center of Pune, and we have trained executives who analyze the market to provide you with the most up-to-date information. If you are seeking Spice Exporters in India, we can help!

Why the Basmati Rice Suppliers in India is Best?


With over 50% of India's workforce employed in agriculture, the country is one of the largest agricultural exporters.


Because of its low labor and raw material costs, India is able to produce spices, oils, and other culinary goods at very inexpensive prices.


Any food product manufactured in India is subjected to quality assurance testing and certifications to ensure its high quality.


The country is renowned as the “Land of Spices” since it is the top producer of spices. The country has a big diversity of spices that provide a wide range of flavors.


The varied Indian civilizations are responsible for the wide range of cuisine goods offered. No country accomplishes this better, with each section of the country having its distinct blend and flavor.


India's technological developments and creativity have made international trading easier, making it the ideal choice for a country gifted with excellent scientific brains.
A Customer-Focused Organic

Pesticide-Free Rice Exporter!

Understanding what the consumer wants and needs is critical for leading Rice Manufacturers in India to produce goods of unrivaled quality and value. By harvesting nature’s finest produce and packing only the best specialty grains and consumables for families all over the world, we have established ourselves as one of the greatest Rice Manufacturers India

From farm to fork, our fully integrated operations have access to and control over the entire supply chain. To satisfy the individual needs of the customer, we can offer rice packaging in sizes ranging from 1 kilogram to 50 kg. These can be further customized in any size and packing material as needed by the client.

At AJY Global Trade, the Rice Exporter In India, We also specialize in bulk rice appropriate for catering companies. As packaging materials, PP Bags, Non-Woven Bags, Jute Bags, and a few other types of bags are utilized for product delivery.

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Exporter of Pulses

India, ranked as the world’s third-largest Exporter of Pulses, is renowned for delivering top-quality products globally. High demand for Indian goods exists in countries like the USA, UK, UAE, Nepal, and more. India exports various pulses, including chickpeas, kidney beans, pigeon peas, and black-eyed peas, meeting the demands of discerning nations.

AJY Global Trade, India’s Best Spice & Rice Exporters in Mumbai, prioritizes the security and food safety standards required for imports. Our commitment to clients ensures that all goods reach their destination in optimal condition within the specified timeframe. We take pride in safeguarding product quality and meeting delivery deadlines to uphold our reputation as a reliable trading partner.

Core Value

AJY Global Trade is extremely enthusiastic about its work. We aspire to provide greater value to our clients, shareholders, and staff. A shared set of values and goals shared by all members of our firm acts as a standard reference point and enables us all to effectively navigate the future.

1. Sincerity and Integrity

Integrity, to us, means honesty and transparency in our company procedures, as well as the highest level of ethical behavior and professional act in customer care.

2. 24-Hour Customer Service

We are completely committed to our customers' issues, thus we pledge to solve any problems or get back to you as soon as possible. We're here to help you.

3. Dedication

At AJY Global Trade, we are devoted to all of our stakeholders using best practices in business operations in order to honor our deliverables to every person, company, or organization with whom we are involved.

4. Contribute to Society

We think that it is our job as members of society to add value to society by improving health care, education, and environmental stewardship.

About us

We are proud to announce our business enterprise AJY Global Trade is an Indian Basmati Rice Suppliers in India, installed in 2021, currently Company in Himachal Pradesh (India). We enjoy making difficult duties viable in sourcing commercial enterprise, which has used a storm to take conventional Import Export corporations.