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1718 Sella Basmati Rice
1718 Sella Basmati Rice

1718 Sella Basmati Rice

1718 Sella Basmati Rice is a type of parboiled rice for its unique aroma, enterprise texture, nutty flavor, and long slender grains. The call “1718” refers to the yr in which this unique fashion of Basmati rice came to be first grown and harvested. This rice is aged for a period earlier than it is parboiled and packaged, allowing it to enhance its flavor and aroma. Basmati rice is typically applied in dishes collectively with biryani, pulao, and conventional Indian and Pakistani dishes.

1718 sella basmati rice is a long grain that originated in Karnal Haryana. India exports the improved version 1718  sella rice, known for its long length, aroma, and best cooking result.

Area of Development of Basmati Rice

  •  Punjab
  • Haryana        
  • Delhi


  • Polao
  • Fried rice
  • Rice pudding
  • Side dishes
  • Salad

Clinical Advantages of Rice

  • Wealthy in calcium and iron
  • Contain more protein than ordinary white rice.
  • Assists with combatting ailing health
  •  Chemical free

The specific specifications for 1718 Sella Basmati Rice

  • Length: Long grain rice that can grow up to 8.3mm in length.
  • Aroma: Unique nutty aroma.
  • Cooking time: Takes around 20-25 minutes to cook.
  • Texture: Firm, separate and doesn’t stick together when cooked.
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Minimally processed: preserving its nutritional value.
  • Aged for a period of time to enhance its flavor and aroma.
  • Parboiled: Partially precooked before packaging, which changes the nutritional value of the rice and makes it more resistant to pests and insects.

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