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Turkish gram

Turkish Gram

The Turkish gram, moreover referred to as the moth bean, is the shape of a legume (Vignaaconitifolia) this is a neighborhood of India and Pakistan. It is a small, lens-common bean that is normally fairly brown or white in color.

It is likewise used in dishes which include dal and is on occasion sprouted and brought to salads. Moth bean is a protein-wealthy legume this is drought-resistant and is a splendid opportunity crop for regions in which water is scarce. Its small seed duration, high protein content material cloth, and drought resistance make it a treasured crop for areas going via food lack of self-assurance.

Turkish gram has some major health benefits like lowering stress, making bones stronger, and others that make it a major pulse that is consumed worldwide, and we, as one of the best pulses and top spices company in India, provide the best quality product globally.


Ingredients are the additives or materials which is probably used to make a specific meal or dish. The particular materials applied in a recipe will depend upon the dish being made and the private possibilities of the cook dinner or chef. In the case of Turkish gram/ Moth bean, a few not unusual components encompass tomato, onion, ginger, garlic, cumin, turmeric, and chili powder. They might be matched with remarkable variables like rice, vegetables, and meat to make a whole dinner.

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