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Puffed rice

Puffed Rice

Puffed rice is a type of handled rice that has been puffed or extended by warming it under inordinate tension. It is a well-known snack meal and cereal issue. It is made by heating rice kernels under excessive stress, making them sing their praises and be mild and crispy. This heartbeat is low in fats and energy and a magnificent sugar conveyance.

It is frequently used as a cereal, both on its own or blended with other elements like sugar and milk, and it’s also used to make snacks like rice cakes and rice crackers. This is likewise utilized in conventional Indian snacks including BhelPuri, and is likewise used in making puffed rice balls it really is a well-known street meal.

As one of the high-quality pulse and top spices company in India that provide puffed, we’re committed to exporting them to particular factors of the area in large portions. These pulses may be fed on thru human beings in unique paperwork and dishes, each uncooked or cooked, and characteristic of numerous benefits for the human frame.


A significant part of puffed will be rice. It is made through the usage of heating rice kernels underneath immoderate stress, which causes them to blow their own trumpet and emerge as mild and crispy. It is frequently joined with various components like sugar, salt, and flavours to make nibble food sources and grains. For example, it may be blended with nuts, seeds, dried end result, and spices to make a route mixture-style snack. Some manufacturers of cereal might also comprise brought substances like vitamins and minerals. this is likewise mixed with exceptional factors like tamarind chutney, yogurt, and vegetables to make traditional Indian avenue food like BhelPuri.

Major Puffed Rice export destinations from India

  • New York

  •  Hongkong

  •  Singapore

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