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Green gram

Green Gram

Green Gram is small, spherical, and capabilities inexperienced pores and skin that desires to be removed in advance than cooking. They are commonly presented entire or broken up and may be used in lots of recipes alongside soups, stews, curries, and sprouts

Mung beans are also applied in traditional Ayurvedic medicinal drugs and are taken into consideration to have many health blessings.

Being one of the first-class pulse exporters in India dealing in Green Gram, we export it in bulk to exceptional elements of the sector. Green gram can be consumed by humans in diverse forms and dishes, either uncooked or cooked and feature numerous benefits for the human body.


The vital component of inexperienced gram or mung beans is the mung bean itself. They are commonly sold whole or damaged up and can be decided in several bureaucracies together with shelled, sprouted, and peeled. They additionally may be paired with different greens like potatoes, carrots, and okra, in addition to proteins like fowl, lamb, or fish. They, additionally, might be utilized to make mung bean noodles, which may be prevalent in Chinese and Korean rarities. Some recipes moreover call for using mung bean flour, which is made by using grinding dried mung beans. Additionally, you can locate mung bean-based completely snacks and meat options.

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