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Chickpeas, moreover known as garbanzo beans, are a shape of legume that can often be finished in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern delicacies. including iron and folate.They can be eaten completely, mashed, or ground into flour and are often used to make hummus, falafel, and unique conventional dishes.

These types pulses also is famous in vegetarian and vegan cooking as they provide plant-based total protein. They are to be dried or canned and can be used in heaps of recipes including plates of mixed greens, curries, and soups.

We are one of the remarkable pulses and spices export from India that deal in several pulses, and pulses are considered one of them. We export varieties of chickpeas, particularly desi, and Kabuli, globally, such as in Algeria, UAE, Pakistan, and many others., that is eaten up by means of using people in special paperwork and dishes.


The materials for pulses or garbanzo beans normally encompass truly the chickpeas themselves. However, canned pulses can also have added salt or one-of-a-type preservatives. this pulses additionally can be applied in several recipes collectively with various factors like olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, tahini, spices, and herbs to make dishes like hummus or falafel. pulses flour is also applied in numerous dishes like in making socca, a type of flatbread. Other components that can be carried out in recipes offering chickpeas encompass veggies like onion, tomato, and bell pepper, just like proteins like chook, or lamb.

logical name of chickpeas

Cicer arietinum

Areas of Cultivation 

In Indian subcontinent, the Mediterranean, Australia, the Plains region in the Americas, and Asia are the major cultivators of chickpeas.

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